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Elena Appartments
there are reasons that make the 16 coasts of Pieria unbeatable:
The   length   of   the   sea   front,   the   rich   and   golden   sand,   the   quality   of   the   sea,   the   unparalleled   combination   of coast   and   mountainous   volumes,   the   rotation   of   the   landscape,   the   easy   road   and   rail   access,   the   facilities for    small    boats,    the    variety    of    flora    and    fauna,    the    hotel    infrastructure,    the    variety    of    cuisine    and entertainment,   the   range   of   sports   activities,   the   rich   cultural   and   ecological   interests,   the   operation   of   an organized market and the variety of settlements the coastline.
Based on Skotina Beach..
The length of the sea front: 16 organized coasts, with different characteristics each, are stretched successively over a length of 70 kilometers, allowing the visitor to draw all the benefits from different, neighboring locations and ensuring a wide range of choices. The sandy beach:The coast of Pieria has a wide sandy beach with rich golden sand. The sea:The beaches of Pieria have a blue and clear sea, shallow and safe for all ages. The combination of mountain and sea:While enjoying the seashore and the sea, the visitor has the opportunity to find, at the same time, in the cool settlements and the shady places of the mountainous volcanos, stretching along the shores and enjoying their scenic routes. Shifting the landscape:Next to the sea, pine trees, grazing, extensive beaches or isolated bays alternate so that the visitor can choose the landscape they prefer.
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Elena appartments
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