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Skotina is a village of Pieria, with 957 inhabitants (2001 census), which belongs to the Municipality of Dion-Olympus with three settlements and 1,024 inhabitants. The historical course followed by the Scotsmen begins with his abandonment the first village they had in the area of Kalambaka which still exist ruins when they abandoned it built their new village in the current forest of Skotina in Verdikousa, in which she reminded her of the existence of the ruins of the settlement and the forest bearing the name of the forest of Skotina.When it was needed to leave and this village built their new village in today's Upper Skotina. The building was made by Epirus craftsmen, according to popular tradition also built the settlements of Pelion, to abandon it also definitively in the year 1972, and the last Scotiniotis was relocated to the present day Scotch.Also, as the local tradition of our village tells us in the area "Gourosiotiko" of "Doriani" in Kallipech was a small hamlet, was destroyed with "the change of nature".His inhabitants went to Scotland. Another small group went to the village of Kallippekis.Τafter intervening of Ali Pasha of Ioannina in the area and the destruction of Jejiani Village which was located between Aegane and Porrón many of its inhabitants came to stay in Scotland.So we actually have three trips of their village centuries passed and two more serious movements of the population towards it.
The beach attracts many visitors and holidaymakers during the summer months.In Ano Skotina, the once abandoned houses have been restored by Greeks and foreigners in recent decades, with great taste and taste and traditional architecture has been preserved.The central square in Ano Skotina is a haunt of residents not only of Katerini but also of Larissa. In the village are also the post- Byzantine churches of Christ and the Virgin Mary.
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